fake catholics need not apply

the best part about always sharing my opinions about everything is that i get to correct people all the time and tell them they’re wrong.

i’m pretty religious, so i often feel the need to say something when i hear people talking about religion. i always say that i’m catholic, but the real, hard-core kind of catholic, not that sissy vatican ii let’s hold hands crap.

i don’t get to go to mass very often, because there aren’t any real catholic churches around here, but i have found community with some friends nearby, as well as on the internets.

of all the supposedly catholic churches on the internets, though, there is only one that is really the catholic church: the church of christ led by his holiness, pope michael i, at vaticaninexile.com.

christ’s vicar on earth, and on the internets

if you’re interested, you can also check out an awesome movie that was made about him.

be aware, this is not for the faint of heart. only real catholics need apply.


One Response to “fake catholics need not apply”

  1. […] i get in touch with these guys? are they still looking for people to ordain? are they in union with pope michael? how do they feel about SALSA? what is their position on the ordination of hamsters as acolytes? […]

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