RACIST hamster!

i can’t believe that i’m doing this, since i promised him i wouldn’t go public with it, but i have become convinced in recent months that my hamster, Murphy, is a racist.

i’m not ready yet to give evidence of my claims, because i don’t want to shock anyone who is new to the site, but let’s just say that the trayvon martin incident has not brought out the best in him, and that he has some pretty vile opinions concerning the upcoming cinco de mayo festivities that i have planned (i’m going SALSA dancing with a certain someone, hehe).

i don’t know what to do. on the one hand, Murphy has been a shoulder to cry on in dire times, a real friend when i needed one. on the other hand, racism is WRONG.

i’m normally not one for playing god, but i think if this keeps up i might need to have an intervention, if you know what i mean. seriously, he’s bringing the whole atmosphere around chez troll down.

i’m open to suggestions, world, so tell me what to do.


3 Responses to “RACIST hamster!”

  1. My daughter’s black cat would love to-ahem-meet Murphy.

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