mowing the grass ~ UPDATED

called in sick to work, not because i wanted to, but because i had to: the grass needs mowing TODAY.

it turns out that there’s some sort of city or county ordinance about letting one’s lawn get too crazy, and i’ve been given 24 hours to remedy the situation or face a fine of upwards of $1,000. (on second thought, maybe it was upwards of $10.00–i couldn’t tell if there was a decimal in the middle or not.)


photo of my stupid yard, emailed as evidence in the warning of civil non-compliance notice i got yesterday

it’s not that i haven’t noticed how bad things have gotten, it’s just that i haven’t had the time.

the fact is, i’m glad the government has intervened, because my pet hamster, Murphy, and i haven’t been able to go outside and play in the yard for at least a month because of how long the grass has gotten. we gave it a shot on one of the rare warm spring-y days in early april, and Murphy got lost in the grass for something like 7 hours. needless to say, i was beside myself at the thought of losing him.

i’ll let you all know how things look when i’m done.


Murphy rolling around the freshly cut grass (i’m playing it safe by keeping him in his hamster ball this time)

ok, so after a minor fiasco with the lawnmower (piece of junk), and some assistance from my oh so neighborly neighbor Lou Genovese (thanks for the loaner, buddy), i am pleased to say that my lawn is now in compliance, so the city can go suck a lemon.

i was going to post “after” photos of the accomplishment, to go with the one from the city above, but honestly the yard doesn’t actually look that much better.

murphy was nonetheless exited to get back into the yard, however, and his happiness is always a source of my own.

Murphy at the park last week (the grass there is so much greener and more lush)


2 Responses to “mowing the grass ~ UPDATED”

  1. I begin to feel rather anxious. I’m ususally a really calm person, but I’ve had a very busy and unusual day. I had my women’s Bible study group, and checked my running schedule and trained for my marathon and did some apostolic work in the evening, but I also looked at and commented on this blog many times. I found this blog on the FaceBookWall of a good Catholic woman that I respect and thought it was going to be funny.

    I think all this time on the computer today is causing me some health problems. I just broke one of my thermometers – my old mercury one. So I got on the computer and went to WebMD to see if that might make me sick, and since I was on the computer I came back to this blog to see if you replied to me, and you have not.

    I cannot imagine how I am going to chart anything tomorrow. I will probably be too tired to wake up at the same time I usually do, and I have now broken the thermometer that I ususally use. I have some back ups, but they are digital and I worry that the plastic may have a bad effect on my ovaries.

    I keep reading through this blog, and I am more and more concerned. I also feel concerned because I think I recognize your house from the picture and I think you might be a neighbor of mine. There is a young man who lives near me who is the middle child from a rather large family in a house that looks very much like the one in the picture you posted. Also the picture from the park looks very much like a park that is near my home.

    If you are that young man I hope I haven’t said anything that will embarrass either of us. I do think much of what you’ve written sounds angry. I also don’t think you really have a pet rat, or if you do I think that is unsanitary and that you may have an unhealthy relationship. We all need love and affection, but until we have a proper understanding of our bodies we can’t really use them in a holy way.

    I am going to have a hard time understanding my body tomorrow, and a harder time explaining my chart at my next meeting! I don’t think I want to tell anyone in my group why I took my temperature so many times in one day and why I was on the computer so much and how I broke my oldest thermometer. Perhaps we could pray for each other. Goodnight.

    • you sound very paranoid, betty, and i’m afraid you’re not making very much sense.

      have you ever thought about becoming a sedevacantist?

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