no, sex *isn’t* funny, so stop joking about it

would a real pope write about sex and the body? NO!!!!!!!

too many so-called catholics these days think that they need to be hip and cool and with it and talk about the sacred and solemn act of connubial intercourse as if it were a game of pin the tail on the donkey.

frankly i’m disgusted.

this trash from “catholic” “writer” simcha fisher is just the most recent egregious example of what i’m talking about. she also writes about nfp all the time and is perhaps most famous for defending the right of women to wear pants, even though catholic tradition (and good old fashioned common sense) clearly says otherwise. it figures.

and just the other day, i saw an ad for this absolutely revolting t-shirt on the internets.


what sort of depraved mind comes up with this stuff?

the marital act may be funny to these kinds of people, but the only one who will end up laughing in the end are the real catholics who know the truth and live it and have the guts to condemn the vile PORNOGRAPHY of jokesters like these.

as SAINT Charles Borromeo said, “laughter marks the friends of satan,” and as pope leo xiii declared, “frivolity concerning the sacred is the final step on the path of modernism.”

real catholics don’t laugh.

4 Responses to “no, sex *isn’t* funny, so stop joking about it”

  1. This is seven kinds awesome.

  2. She said ‘sex’ and ‘whopee’ in the same sentence, and there was an eclamation mark alongside the ‘whopee’ + ‘!’. Our Lord will deal with her in his own good time. What our Lady thinks, I really don’t know.

  3. […] hi troll, ok, i *maybe* understand not wanting to joke about sex, especially in light of your opposition to laughing, but you seem to have a pretty negative […]

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