my ears are burning

a noticeable uptick in blog traffic led me to do some digging around on the “social networking” site facebook, where i found some rather interesting discussion concerning Murphy and me.

apparently we’re really sick or really funny. or both.

apparently i’m famous, and awesome, and disturbed. Murphy says i shouldn’t let it go to my head.

“asshat”? i think the term you’re looking for is “real truth-telling catholic.”

consider Murphy and me unimpressed.


4 Responses to “my ears are burning”

  1. justine Says:

    You are now officially famous in a very small, but very cool circle. Good job!

  2. justine Says:

    And how can one contact you?

    • your praise sounds sarcastic to me. Murphy says i’m becoming paranoid, and that i need to calm down, but i just don’t know who to trust anymore.

      as for getting in touch with me, you seem to be doing just fine. if you have something to say that needs more privacy than the public internets affords, you can email me at realcatholicsdontlaugh[at]

  3. […] blog, it’s been getting a lot of attention the past week or so, especially from people who don’t quite seem to understand where i’m coming from. no one seems to want to use the comments, so instead they’ve been emailing me at […]

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