pope st. pius i: it’s all greek to me

how have i never heard of this before? my friend Turk Sorensen forwarded me the link late last night, but he didn’t know anything more about it. is this for real, or is it just some sort of sick, mocking joke?

FACT: Latin is NOT the original language of the Church!

It’s a VERNACULAR language that was foisted on the Roman church by Pope Victor I (A.D. 190-202), who was an AFRICAN priest–NOT a Roman!!!

The earliest liturgies at Rome as described by St. Justin Martyr were in GREEK. But once Victor made the change in language, that OPENED THE DOOR a century later to a barrage of changes in the rite of Mass itself, from which the Roman Rite has NEVER recovered.

everyone in the comments is acting like the authors are kidding, but if this is legit, i definitely need to get in touch with these people, and pronto. based on their self-description (“we are temporarily headquartered behind the water heater in our basement”), they sound quite hard to get in touch with, but this is exactly the sort of commitment to the REAL catholic faith that i like to see.

i don’t speak greek, of course, so that could be a problem. then again, i don’t actually know latin either, and that’s never gotten in the way of my being a REAL catholic. as i’ve always said, so long as you sound the words out correctly, and perform all the actions the right way, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what it all means. “ex opere operato,” the formula works automatically, am i right or am i right?

so help me out here, internets people. how can i get in touch with these guys? are they still looking for people to ordain? are they in union with pope michael? how do they feel about SALSA? what is their position on the ordination of hamsters as acolytes? (what? Murphy wants to know.)

aaahhhh! so many questions. i need answers!!!!


One Response to “SSPI?!?”

  1. […] granted, i have since severed all ties to the society, having renounced my membership not only in the SSPX, the SSPXSO, and the OSSPXSO, but also the PSSPX (people’s society of st. pius x), the FSSPXSO (fraternal society of st. pius x of the stricter observance), the FSSPXMSOP (fraternal society of st. pius x, most strictest observance possible), and several other societies of other popes pius (vii, v, iv, iii), to say nothing of  the society of st. pius i (SSPI). […]

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