going to the vet (UPDATED)

i’m taking off work for the morning to bring Murphy in to see the vet. he’s had sort of a bad attitude recently, and i think he might be sick. between a constantly twitching left eye, a rash under his tail, multiple (yes, multiple) inexplicable attempts to bite my neighbor, Lou Genovese, and the occasional racist remark, Murphy just doesn’t seem to be his usual self.

i guess that makes two of us.

buck up, pal, you’ll be back on your paws in no time.

if he’s still feeling down after getting checked out, i think we might head over to the mall and take a peek at the new batch of hamster toys that just arrived at the pet store. Murphy’s birthday is coming up in June, and some shiny new tubes for the ol’ hamster palace might be just what the doctor ordered.


home at last. the vet visit went fine. i think. they drew some blood and they’re going to run some tests to see what might be bothering Murphy. i should know more by this weekend.

as promised, after the visit Murphy and i went to the mall to grab some soft pretzels and check out what hamster goodies the pet store had. i bought him a special activity extension for his (admittedly) over-extended palace of a habitat.

as you can see, there is lots for Murphy to do with this.

i actually don’t know where the best place for the new extension is, but i’m sure we’ll figure something out and post the finished product to these glorious internets.

in the mean time, here’s a look at Murphy’s habitat in its present state.

Murphy’s modest abode, the envy of hamsters the world over

sometimes i think i may be going a little overboard with things, but then i look into Murphy’s adorable eyes and think, “how could i say no to this hamster?”

“can we watch more youtube videos of the dimond brothers, please?”


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