recipe for disaster, part iii

the smashing success of my first two “recipes for disaster” (see here and here) has led me to add yet a third entry: relativist amchurch parfait.

unlike our previous recipes, we will start with absolutely no recipe whatsoever, because what better way is there to reflect amchurch’s absolute intransigence in refusing to recognize the rule of faith found in tradition. also, there are also no ingredients or steps, because who is amchurch to tell anyone what is true or what to do.

just do whatever feels good, right?

right. so no recipe. just go wherever the spirit of vatican ii, or your gut, leads you.

maybe you’re in the mood for something sweet and indulgent? oreos perhaps? or dark chocolate? or maybe something fruity, like luscious strawberries?

why choose only one? why not just mix whatever you like together? just pile it high and call it a “seamless garment” and no one’s the wiser.

can i start with some crumbled oreo? why not? who’s to say what’s right and wrong?

and maybe add some chocolate pudding? go ahead, amchurch won’t judge you.

how about some chocolate syrup infused whipped cream with dark chocolate pieces? sure, we can even make a felt banner with that on it.

and can i top it off with some normal whipped cream with strawberries? is ascension thursday on a sunday? you betcha!

and what about doubling it all up and finishing it with more crumbled oreo and strawberries on top? and with your spirit!!! *drools profusedly*

[holy ottaviani! this anti-recipe is making me hungry. i’ll be right back…]

wow, who knew relativism could taste so good?


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