just to clarify…

habemus papam?

a few of you have emailed me to ask whether i’m saying that i’ve changed my mind about pope michael i, about whether or not i think he’s really pope.

let me be as clear as possible: there is no evidence that i have encountered that would suggest that pope michael i was anything other than validly elected by a group of his friends and family, who were of course rightfully capable of electing a pope, pursuant to my interpretation of the code of canon law and sacred tradition.

simply put, my concern is not with the validity of the pope’s election, but with the ongoing validity of his papacy, which MAY INDEED have been nullified through sinful conduct in clear violation of the church’s teaching.

the tasks at hand, which i am vigorously setting out to accomplish, are as follows.

first, i need to determine whether or not these emails have come from pope michael i. although i have some pretty high-probability ways of figuring this out simply by using the internets, i don’t know how i can be 100% certain without some sort of face-to-face sit-down. so i probably need to set up something like this.

second, in case these emails have come from him, and it is proven that he has indeed joked with me and thus abdicated his see, i need to research the various options available for reconciling him with the church, if this is possible, or moving on, if it is not possible. basically, i need to figure out if there’s any particular protocol for this sort of situation in the annals of church history. my plan at the moment is to find the oldest possible version of canon law and type it into google translate to see if it has anything to say. (if someone else has a better suggestion, feel free to let me know.)

third, i need to clean Murphy’s habitat, because the stench from his corner of the apartment is making it so that i can’t even think straight anymore.

fourth, it would seem that i need to watch this pbs show called “downton abbey,” because recently it’s all i hear about. weird.

(i know these last two tasks aren’t exactly on-point, but please know that i am working hard to get to the bottom of all of this, and that i will keep all of you updated as the truth about pope michael comes to light.)


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