a global conspiracy or just low blood sugar?

or both!?!

the events of this past week have gotten me thinking a lot about how some people can *feel* sometimes like it’s them against the world, like they’re the only ones who are in the know or who really “get” what’s going on.

obviously, i’ve found myself in that position many a time over the course of my adult life, the only difference being that for me it was more than a feeling, it was actually reflective of reality.

anyhow, my postings from the past week attracted the attention of an old internets acquaintance who shall go nameless, whom i used to debate on several chat forums back in ’04-’05, before she had to be institutionalized for a time.

i thought she might be writing to argue about the whole pope michael fiasco, but all she wanted to talk about were three things:

  1. that her pet canary, Felix, was probably invited to the bilderberg meeting going on in VA, and how she thinks he might be secretly wealthy and/or influential;
  2. how she’s pretty sure anti-pope benedict xvi plagiarized sections of his encyclical “deus caritas est” from the Phil Collins song “groovy kind of love,” and
  3. that the re-election of Barack Obama will mark the beginning of sharia in the US.

concerning this last matter, she even sent a picture she had created to make her point:

prophecy of a future bestseller? or evidence that somebody needs a snickers?

i responded that a muslim takeover might not be that bad, since not only would it finally unmask all the novus ordo “catholics” for the fakes they are, but it might also ensure some real standards of modesty.

also, i told her to get back on her meds.

she didn’t write back.


One Response to “a global conspiracy or just low blood sugar?”

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