joke alert: national catholic reporter

no, the “nun” on the right is NOT Mark Shea

i catch a lot of flack from readers who say that my criticism of “conservative” fake “catholics” is a waste of time and a dangerous divergence of resources from the more pressing matter of criticizing “liberal” fake “catholics,” like the yahoos at the lcwr.

it’s my infallibly correct opinion that most of these “liberal” or “progressive” types aren’t even trying to look or act like real catholics, so that there’s no real point in running them down, just like there’s no real point in telling folks that our neighborhood bag lady, Myra Loofs, isn’t really Queen Elizabeth.

seriously, there is just no resemblance here.

the REAL danger, i rightly think, lies in the fact that some of these so-called “progressive” groups are actually grade-a parody/satire machines in disguise. i’m speaking of course about the “national catholic reporter,” which fr. z always dismisses as “fishwrap,” but which is far more pernicious than most anyone else suspects, because of its huge potential for humor and laughter, which is always sinful.

honestly, this publication and its blog is like “the onion” for catholics, always making fun of the obviously heterodox. some examples:

  • all of the ncr staff writers self-identify as lesbians, even the men;
  • the ncr editorial board recently opted to “give a big hand” for the pro-masturbation position of sr. margaret farley (ick!);
  • women’s ordination is the single biggest “live issue” they treat, which is absurd even for novus ordo catholics, given the unambiguous authoritative position against this taken by all recent n.o. anti-popes;
  • they purport to cover and even celebrate events like the annual superlib call to action conference, and then run pictures like these:

supposedly a posed photo of the cta leadership team, bravely re-visioning the future church and singing (or gumming) it into being

alleged shot of cta conference participants in costume (but since when do young people come to these things?)

ok, perhaps this shot of the 2004 cta conference “mass” is legit

purportedly a pic of ALL attendees of the 2011 cta conference

seriously, these photos make cta look like a bigger joke than even heretical funny-man thelarryd could pull off.

the ncr is no laughing matter, and it’s high time that the “MAD magazine” of the catholic world is shuttered for good. consider yourselves duly admonished, internets people.

real catholics don’t laugh.


4 Responses to “joke alert: national catholic reporter”

  1. “all of the ncr staff writers self-identify as lesbians, even the men” Bwahahahaha!

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