mel gibson monday

er, friday i guess. but i like the alliteration. and i think i should probably start devoting a day of the week to watching his movies.

indeed, despite certain misgivings about the dangers of the cinema, i must confess to being quite the fan of a certain Melvin Percival Gibson III, better known as MEL GIBSON!

“yes, my middle name is actually percival”

while Murphy would prefer our weekend movie watching to consist of 90s rom coms and dimond brothers youtubes videos, i myself am partial to the action genre, and of course anything starring MEL GIBSON.

anyway, i landed a pirate copy of Mel’s newest pic, “get the gringo,” from my next door neighbor Lou Genovese (shh, don’t tell), and Murphy and i are watching it tonight.

seriously, i. can. not. wait.

also, it will help to take my mind off of missing gran’s funeral this afternoon. as if i would ever step foot in an sspx chapel again. whatever.


One Response to “mel gibson monday”

  1. […] the rousing success of our previous two Mel Gibson movie nights, Murphy and i have decided in no uncertain terms that this is to be a […]

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