mel gibson monday, take 2

ok, this time for real.

Murphy and i decided over the weekend that we need more structure in our lives, and a dedicated Mel Gibson movie night seems like a step in the right direction.

tonight we’re kicking things off with “conspiracy theory,” a fitting choice i’d say, given my own tendencies to see a vast conspiracy behind everything.

“a good conspiracy is unprovable. i mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line.”

you tell ’em, Mel. i guess for me the seeds were planted early with chatter about the truth about JFK and the moon landing being faked, and eventually i got a whiff of what really happened at vatican ii, and the rest, as they say, is history.

anyhow, in the movie, Mel plays a taxi driver who’s always coming up with new, complicated scenarios of global government conspiracies, until one day his rants begin to attract the wrong sort of attention, because one of them turns out to be true. hijinks ensue. also starring alongside Mel is silly syncretist hindu Julia Roberts and and Captain Picard himself, Patrick Stewart.

“i’m only paranoid because they all want me dead.”

in case you’ve never seen it, here’s the trailer, curtesy of the good folks at the youtubes.

mmm mmm, butter the popcorn and cue the vcr, cuz it’s movie time, peoples.

save room for the “jew-jew” bees, Murphy


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