mel gibson monday: air america

following the rousing success of our previous two Mel Gibson movie nights, Murphy and i have decided in no uncertain terms that this is to be a household tradition, lasting in saecula saeculorum (i’m pretty sure that means a really long time), or at least until we run out of Mel Gibson movies to watch.

this week’s superawesome Mel Gibson movie: the 1990 war drama “air america,” which seems like a fitting follow-up to last week’s “conspiracy theory,” in light of their shared “secret cia activity” themes.

as i recall, the basic plot involves Mel as a slightly unstable pilot who flies for the cia in laos during the vietnam war. also, Robert Downey, Jr., is in the movie. as if anyone cares.

“here at air america, what is considered psychotic behavior anywhere else is just company policy.”

i know the movie’s listed as a comedy, but i can assure that it’s not, since i’m confident that Mel would never do anything like that. remember: real catholics don’t laugh. besides, it’s a war movie, and there’s nothing funny about war.

“i’ve seen things here that i could never possibly have imagined, and i’ve got a pretty broad imagination.”

the jokers at youtubes won’t let me embed the “air america” trailer, but it’s there for the watching (just click on the link below).


2 Responses to “mel gibson monday: air america”

  1. Pilgrim Says:

    Troll, you’re still the greatest!

    I support this Mel Gibson project, but I’m worried you could get yourself into trouble. If you do this every Monday, sooner or later you’re going to get to Mel Gibson’s comedies, like Road Warrior and Braveheart. You might laugh, and even Murphy might smile a little.

    I’m concerned!

  2. John Jhon Says:

    Dear Troll II,

    Given your knowledge of Real Catholic doctrine, what should be the Catholic attitude towards smiling? I know “pope” John Paul II smiled a lot, which I find disturbing. I mean, smiling is a step towards laughing, right?

    On another note, do you think there will ever be a movie drama covering the Vatican II “council”? Who would you have star in it?


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