no mercy

a reader emailed me this disturbing piece from “fr.” z, in which he praises Congressman Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of the canonization of former Sen. Ted Kennedy.

AP photo of Sen. Kennedy, newly declared patron saint of Oldsmobile owners and the Chappaquiddick island high school girls swim team.

absolutely disgusting.

first off, i had absolutely no idea that Pelosi was even a member of the dicastery for the causes of saints, but i suppose nothing about the depravity of the novus ordo shamchurch surprises me anymore.

“You know, I had asked his, his, his holy fatherness for the archbishopric of New York and he was all like, ‘Shoot gal, you missed it by this much,’ and I was all like, ‘Dang, that’s sexist.'”

seriously, if anyone had previously had any doubt about the validity of the vatican ii church, they surely have no excuses now. i mean, if we can’t go to sleep at night confident in the eternal damnation of Ted Kennedy, whose unending hellish torment can we derive peace and consolation from, anyway?

“If you ask me, ‘hell’ is not getting to work out every morning, or maybe accidentally sitting on your trendy glasses.”

hmmph. if you ask me, hell was made for people just like Ted Kennedy. and Nancy Pelosi.

come to think of it, hell was made as the destination for pretty much everyone that has ever lived, is living, and ever will live. only the faithful few will escape its fire, after all, while for everyone else divine punishment is pretty much all their future holds.

hell: sorta kinda like kansas at present, but without a winning basketball tradition.

as any real catholic knows, up to the time of the fake “catholic” vatican council the church’s most treasured belief and hope was in the damnation of all the perfidious. is it any wonder then that the heresy of so-called “divine mercy” emerged at the same time as modernism? as if the true god delights in granting pardon and forgiveness! as if he were a god of love instead of unquenchable wrath!!! (i’d laugh at the absurdity of it all if it wasn’t, you know, a hardcore mortal sin. real catholics don’t laugh.)

anyhoo, Murphy and i like to play a game we call “when i am king,” which basically entails declaring the game’s titular phrase and following it up with a statement of what you would do if you were in fact king (e.g., “when i am king, people who dislike ‘Battlestar Gallactica’ will be defenestrated, repeatedly.”)

today’s winning entry (from Murphy): “when i am king, there will be no divine mercy for anyone.”

pantomime: sinners in the hands of an angry Murphy

yup, that about sums it up for me, too.


10 Responses to “no mercy”

  1. Jackie Parkes Says:

    So true..

  2. Pilgrim Says:

    Troll, not only do you give great condemnations to fake Catholics but you give solid teachings too.

    Do you know Karate Kid part one? The teacher says “Sweep the leg” and “No mercy”!

    In the Great Chastisement to come, the Lord will certainly “sweep the leg” of the false believers and send them straight into hell!

    I want to laugh to think about that, but it is no joke I guess.

    • this is great stuff, but i seem to recall that the movie itself is quite dangerous, since what wins out is a syncretism with eastern religious ideas. too bad. if the movie had ended differently, this could easily have been a key catechetical film for real catholics everywhere. thanks for the link, pilgrim.

  3. Parmenides Says:

    Who’s the bald guy in the glasses

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  7. […] second off, what he’s dismissing as pharisaism, paranoia, anti-semitism, conspiracy-mongering, inquisitorial lovelessness, and pride is exactly the real catholic faith that i know and love. no mercy, baby!! […]

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