i know you are…

…but what am i?

a reader writes:

Hi Troll, you seem rather unhealthily obsessed with Mark Shea, and you should probably give it a rest. The Great Catholic Grenache is not one to be messed with. Your awesome! Trina

first of all, Trina (if that is your real name), really?!? i’m the one who is unhealthily obsessed? have you even seen Shea’s blog?!? i think we can all agree that he has gone waaay over the line compared with me.

second, i literally have no idea what that nickname means. based on an interwebs search on the google, i see that “grenache” is a pale, thin-skinned grape found in Washington state. i still don’t get it. are you saying that Mark Shea is a grape? based on his own reports, he’s not even round anymore, so while he may be pale, thin-skinned, and a Washingtonian, i still don’t see how exactly this applies. (also, “great” and “catholic” are hardly words that i would use to describe Mr. Shea, since he is nothing more than a obedient little son of the vatican ii church and its recent “popes.”)

third, Trina, i believe the word you’re looking for at the end there is “you’re,” not “your.” i’d tell you to go back to school to learn how to write, but based on your probable femininity, you’re likely to have greater lasting success in learning how to cook and sew instead.

right. and please be sure to dress modestly while you’re at it.

“Honey, take it from me, I make basic writing mistakes all the time.”

One Response to “i know you are…”

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