BREAKING: reconciliation immanent?

no, i’m not speaking about the pointless sspx talks with the modernist vatican, but about a pending sit-down with my once and perhaps future best friend, Turk Sorensen.

as you will recall, Turk and i have been on the outs ever since he did something to upset me. i can’t recall what it was, but i know it started with his idea for “recipes for disaster” and it spiraled out of control from there. honestly, the initial reasons don’t really matter now, because he’s since done lots of things to get my goat, things like writing me notes in latin (which i can’t understand), denouncing my on david bawden’s facebook page, leaving me threatening messages, egging my house, and shaving(!) Murphy. what a tool.

anyhow, i received a text message earlier this afternoon that he wanted to finally get together and have a mediated conversation in which we could reconcile, by which i understand him to mean that he is planning to grovelingly beg my forgiveness for his foolishness.

artist’s rendering of what i hope will be Turk’s pathetic begging for mercy

while i’m ordinarily not one to extend mercy of any sort, i do have a soft spot for groveling, begging, sniveling, and all-around self-humiliation, so as long as Turk plays his cards right, he has a good chance to return to my good graces.

if all goes well, i should be back at home with plenty of time to pop in this week’s Mel Gibson monday video, “bird on a wire,” co-starring Goldie Hahn (who if i’m not mistaken is fake “catholic” apologist Scott Hahn’s sister). of course, if things go on a bit longer than planned, i’ll probably need to hold off till tomorrow. we’ll see.


3 Responses to “BREAKING: reconciliation immanent?”

  1. Jackie Parkes Says:


  2. Pilgrim Says:

    This video can be an ispiration for the reconciliation of and the Turk person. The video is not funny at all so there is no danger about laughing. (Not like SOME videos I can think of!)

  3. […] i’ve already mentioned making up with my best friend Turk Sorensen. and things seem to be going better than before with Murphy. i […]

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