mel gibson monday (belated)

things have been crazy ’round these here parts the past two days or so. as anticipated, the sit-down with Turk Sorensen was a smashing success, and he has since been restored to the status of “best friend,” or more accurately, “best human friend,”  since Murphy will always be favorite. (i’ll spare you the details of the crying and the imploring and the self-flagulation, at least for now; let’s just say that Turk’s denigration ended up being even sweeter than i had hoped!)

artist’s rendering of my recollection of Turk’s groveling like a lowly worm

after our reconciliation, Turk and i began drinking copious amounts of peach schnapps to one another’s health. needless to say, i did NOT get home in time to watch “bird on a wire,” nor was i in any shape to do much of anything the following day.

my man Mel knows what i’m talking about

now that i am fully recovered, the plan is to watch this week’s Mel Gibson monday movie tonight, with both Murphy and Turk (sorry for taking your hubby, Sheila, but it’s boys’ night in!).

since it’s been a while since i last saw “bird on a wire,” i’m not entirely sure how accurate my memory of its plot is. as i recall, Mel plays a slightly unstable mechanic who’s in the witness protection program, and after he gets recognized by Goldie Hahn’s character, who he used to date, they have to go on the run in order to avoid the bad guy, Eugene Sorenson (ha!), who Mel helped to put away years before. people start shooting guns and stuff starts blowing up and Mel Gibson is awesome and he and Goldie live happily ever after and then the credits roll… BACKWARDS!!! (i know, how crazy is that!)

“Wow, Goldie, it says on this blog here that your brother is famed fake ‘catholic’ apologist Scott Hahn.”

ah yes, i’ve already received several emails from readers suspicious of my claim that Goldie Hahn and Scott Hahn are sister and brother. “after all,” these folks retort, “they actually spell their last names differently.”

“oh, yeah,” say i, “well then how do you explain the obvious family resemblance?”

my sakes, they could be twins

take that, doubters! and don’t forget to join us next week for a review of our most recent Mel Gibson monday movie, the 2000 family drama “what women want” (hint: the answer is more Mel Gibson).

in the mean time, thanks to the good folks at the youtubes, here’s the trailer from “bird on a wire” to whet your appetite for Mel.


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  1. melgibstein Says:

    Oy Vey!

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