mel gibson monday: what women want

as noted before, despite always being right about everything, i have yet to find any lasting success in the romance department.

this is a mystery to me, since i would’ve thought that most women, or at least most real catholic women, would jump at the chance to be with a man who is true to the faith and who’s man enough to tell her how to think and what to do and when to do it.

i mean, all my closest friends are married, and i’m a lot smarter and more catholic than them, so what gives?

ordinarily, Murphy would be one to pile on the encouragement–“there’s always other fish in the sea, even if the barque of peter’s abandoned” he likes to say–but recently he’s been rather focused on providing for his own romantic needs. since i’ve been willing to help him out with a few posts on the internets inquiring after female hamsters and concerning his availability for “studding,” good ol’ Murphy thought he’d help me out in return, so this week he suggested for our Mel Gibson monday movie the 2000 docu-drama “what women want,” which we both hoped might provide some insight into my burning question, “what do women want?”

so anyway, in the film Mel plays an unstable and rather chauvinistic ad exec who, following a heinous depilation-related accident, suddenly finds himself able to hear exactly what women are thinking. after some initial frustration with this “gift,” he begins to use it to his advantage, both professionally and romantically, until he finds himself falling for the very woman he’s competing with. Helen Hunt co-stars–needless to say, she is fantastic!

“There’s way too much estrogen on television these days.”

i’m gonna tell you all what i told Murphy, though: i don’t really expect this movie to turn things around for me. don’t get me wrong, if there’s anyone i should imitate in the ways of love, it’s certain my man Mel. and yet i seriously doubt that there’s anything that i still have to learn. as i see it, my problem is that there aren’t enough good women out there, or i haven’t met them anyway.

besides, there’s simply no way that i’m going to follow all of Mel’s methods.

“Oh… This is nice, I don’t understand why women complain about waxing.”

i’ll just keep on keepin’ on, and maybe someday i’ll find that perfect woman who loves me for me, and who i can love for all the potential to be just a little bit better that i know her to have.

“Women are crazy! Who would want to do that again?”

you tell em’, Mel!

and now for all you good folks out there looking at your beautiful glowing squares, here’s a trailer for the movie, courtesy of the nice people at the youtubes.


2 Responses to “mel gibson monday: what women want”

  1. Troll, I have not seen this film. Did you find out what women want? What is it that they want?

    • the film was not particularly helpful, which means that i have nothing but my own experience to fall back on. and in my experience, what women really want is to be left alone. oh well.

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