a jester’s decadence, suspended?

“a jester unemployed is nobody’s fool.”

it appears that Jeff Miller, aka the curt jester, is currently celebrating 10 years of blogging, in honor of which he has created a veritable rogues’ gallery of his most awful posts [WARNING: site contains links to funny things that may result in laughter and apostasy].

yes, ten long years of reveling in modernist humor, joking and laughing and punning and spoofing and… ugh, i need to stop before i make myself sick or start crying or something.

sorry little fella, but you shouldn’t have clicked through

always one to look on the bright side of things, Murphy has noted that in recent months it appears that Curt may have found religion, since he actually has refrained from posting anything even remotely funny since, like, february. (right around the start of lent, interesting…) while i’m normally not one to hold out hope of mercy for anyone, in this case i’d be delighted to hear that my nemesis has given up the devil’s pomps of humor for good.

ironically enough, Curt’s patron is Bl. Miguel Pro, who never laughed and who undoubtedly always hated Curt’s dangerously hilarious posts

Curt will probably need to do an insane amount of penance in order to get back in God’s good graces, and he’ll most definitely need to do an insane amount of penance if he hopes to ever get in mine. (if you’re reading, Curt, you should probably just starting watching the last several years of Michael Voris videos right now, just to get a head start on things.)

anyway, in light of Curt’s probable conversion to the true faith, and in honor of his blogging milestone, why don’t you go ahead and wish him the best. (just don’t look around the site, since there are still a lot of offensive, humorous links everywhere.)

sakes alive, son, why all the tears? i told you NOT to look around!


2 Responses to “a jester’s decadence, suspended?”

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