it’s, like, really complicated, ok?

“But I want it now.”

i may have implied before that my best friend Turk Sorensen has maybe sorta too many kids (it’s gotta be somewhere around 12 or 13 by now), but having just come from being over at his house for dinner, i can say for sure that he and his wife have waaaaay too many girls. seriously, it’s like every day is some sort of moody, willful hormone olympics, and every single one of these gals is going for the gold.

“Break a leg, kiddo!”

when i noted over after-dinner drinks that he and Sheila seem to have their hands full, Turk pulled down for me a book of “quotes” that they’ve compiled. the following are from the past week.

Joanie, age 4:

“These disagreements are a reflection of a slightly different perspective that we have on obedience.”

Maggie, age 5:

“I would also say that there are very few family rules  that are not discussable, that are absolutely infallible.”

Catherine, age 11:

“My sense of my own responsibility means that I continue raising and responding to questions, according to my own conscience and according to new information and questions that arise in our day.”

Mary-Sarah, age 13:

“One of my concerns is that my ‘questioning’ of your stupid uptight rules is seen as defiance, and that’s not healthy for our home-life, nor is it my intention.”

Teresa, age 15:

“The one thing that I think I’ve constantly communicated is that we want to help create a safe and respectful environment, where parents and children can raise questions openly and search together for truth freely to the very complex issues of our time, like why Brad Poggis isn’t allowed in my bedroom.”

Agnes, age 16:

“Anything that we can do in the way that we respond to this that could contribute to the climate of open and deeper dialogue in our house is one of our greatest hopes.”

like i told Turk and Sheila, if these girls start showing a penchant for polyester, be very worried, because they’re starting to sound an awful lot like those jokers from the lcwr.

“We’re just trying to vision a new church into being, folks.”

come to think of it, if those “nuns” aren’t careful, people will think they’re simply being petty, petulant, and immature. whiny even. oh dear.


2 Responses to “it’s, like, really complicated, ok?”

  1. Jackie Parkes Says:

    Sounds like my 8 girls!

  2. […] with this scenario, of course, is that a church militant of any real size requires obedience, which has never been something i’ve prized, not even from folks who would be following […]

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