e. michael jones’ worst nightmare

seriously, this sort of thing keeps him up nights.

cold sweats and everything, for reals.

me too, truth be told.

probably because my maternal grandfather’s name was Mousekewitz.

come to think of it, that was Murphy’s maternal grandfather‘s name, too.

“yes, but my Bubbe was a shikse, doesn’t that count for something?”

i suppose this goes a long way toward explaining Murhpy’s discomfort with Mel Gibson mondays. ah well.


8 Responses to “e. michael jones’ worst nightmare”

  1. he doesn’t care about DNA. It is only jews and racists who think it matters

    • On the other hand, if Roy Schoeman found out he was a goy….grab a straight jacket an put him on suicide watch.

    • right, it’s totally incidental that all the jew-conspirators have jewish DNA, and vice versa. what matters is their conspiracies. just because we’re racists doesn’t make us anti-semitic, right? wait, scratch that, reverse it.

      ugh, now i’m confused.

      and what is this about Roy Schoeman? isn’t he the guy from “Jaws” and “SeaQuest”?

      • Only “jews” think the jewish conspirators have “jewish DNA.” Well not just jews, you could include racists like Hitler or the Klan who think Jewish DNA either makes them inferior or trecherous. It’s ironic that the two groups have an affinity with each other on this.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if you could count Jones among those who think Jewish DNA is a myth and that there is no difference between jew and goy. Of course, to some, that’s anti-semitic. You can’t win.
        Schoeman is the convert to Juaism who is all over EWTN etc talking about his Jewish background as if it makes him better than someone who grew up Christian. He is all consumed with his so-called Jewish DNA. If he found out he was adopted, he wouldn’t embrass his adoptive parents, he’d probably kill himself.

  2. Correction: Schoeman is a convert FROM Judaism.

    Jewish DNA: Only Jews, Protestant Judaizers, and groups who hate the Jews actually believe in it.
    This side of the Cross, there are neither greeks nor jews

  3. The obsession with DNA is not healthy but it explains how a Jewish kid can wind up in a neo-Nazi skinhead group as it was dramatized in The Believer:

  4. This awe about Jewish DNA is ridiculous. All the descendents of Abraham have the same paternal (yDNA) DNA. There’s even a group of people who were tested in Rome, who had no historical connection, (as far as they know) to Abraham, that had the same yDNA haplotype. Also , remember Abraham was a decendant of Shem, so he would have the same haplotype as his ancestor. So when we take into account the millions of descendants of that patriarch born since his time, and the endless migrations and changes of cultures in history, semetic DNA would be everywhere. So, it’s ridiculous to go ga-ga over supposed Jewish DNA.

    • if you’re trying to get folks to calm down, playing up the fact that there are jews literally everywhere is not going to help. it’s just confirming our rightful paranoia that nice goys finish last.

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