everybody’s an expert

it has been brought to my attention by my best friend, Turk Sorensen, that in recounting my “catholic speaker month” brouhaha i failed to mention the newest up-and-coming fake “catholic” speaker: my best friend Turk Sorensen.

yup, he “came out” on the facebook in late august.

as you can see from the screenshot, Turk clearly thinks that he has a lot to offer. i’m not so sure.

it’s not that Turk is a bad guy, it’s just that i don’t see what exactly he has to add. i mean, what makes him so special that people should invite him to come speak, as if he’s all of a sudden some sort of authority on catholicism or parenting or life or whatever else?

come to think of it, i’m not sure what the qualifications are most so-called “catholic” speakers out there, aside from a general willingness to talk about themselves and to treat their own opinions as somehow very special.

quick fact: there are presently more “catholic” speakers in the united states than there are “catholics.” how is this possible? well, due to the past success of converts in telling their tales and getting famous, it appears that now catechumens are getting in on the speaking circuit action. likewise with soon-to-be-baptized infants.

“For a modest per diem, I am available to speak at your parish or school on the topic of spiritual infancy in light of my experience of actual infancy.”

as for me, i think the whole trend is disgraceful and in very bad taste.

to paraphrase the famed entrepreneur Dwight K. Shrute: there’s too many “catholic” speakers on this earth–we need a new plague.

who’s with me?


4 Responses to “everybody’s an expert”

  1. Most of Mr. Turk’s topics sound very interesting, and the infant would make an interesting speech. I think it is OK if there are more “Catholic” speakers than “Catholics” because they can speak to non-“Catholics,” too. Or even if they speak to “Catholics”, each two speakers could speak to one “Catholic” if they took turns.

  2. I’m with you on the need for more “no-verts.” I had to convert to become Catholic and I’m sick of people expecting to hear of late nights wrestling through 2 Ephesians and others tales of Hahnian biblical derring-do. I envy the insouciance that comes so naturally to no-vert, cradle Catholics. And you’re right: everyone is some sort of “vert” these days. The only “vert”-ing I’m interested in these days is per-verting, but my wife is doctrinal in the bedroom–pre-conciliar positions only.

    I’m really glad you’re back Troll. I thought maybe you got sucked into a Christ Renews His Parish or something and lost the true faith.

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