crazy love

“Hi there, you may think you remember me as the wife from ‘Field of Dreams.'”

so, uh, what if i told you that i, uh, “had a thing” for a sixty-five-year-old lesbian feminist who champions pornography and doesn’t believe in god?

no, really, how would you react?

perhaps you’d say that i was strange? or sick? or crazy? or maybe that i would make a great future president of the lcwr?

ok, but what if i told you that i was thinking of following her lead and voting third-party, you know, for reasons of “conscience”?

well then you’d probably guess that i’m just practicing my Mark Shea schtick in anticipation of halloween.

“um, trick or treat, stop Lila Rose and please use the paypal button.”

obviously, as a REAL catholic i don’t actually do halloween. but if i did, this is definitely how i’d roll.


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