joke alert: eye of the tiber

uh oh, there’s a new kid in town.

it looks like with the curt jester’s apparent retirement from actually being funny, and with most of the jokesters at the “national catholic reporter” out with hip replacement surgery the past few weeks, there was an opening in the dangerous modernist humor blog department.

suffice it to say, with the arrival of onion-y upstart “eye of the tiber,” the position has been filled.

what’s there to be worried about? well i’ll tell you.

first, the name, “eye of the tiber,” it’s like a bad pun from a Scott Hahn book. it screams  irreverence of the novus ordo sort, it’s in bad taste, and it makes no sense. the name is no doubt taken from the 1986 movie “eye of the tiger,” starring the always amazing Gary Busey, but frankly i don’t see how they are connected. whatever.

second, the site LIES all the time, and not even for reason good enough to get defended by First Things, but simply for the sake of humorosity! recent headlines, which i feel rather confident are false, include:

  • “Pope decries ‘bad fish’ in church, or maybe that Applebee’s shrimp cocktail”
  • “Nashville Catholics excited, confused over ‘Year of Faith Hill'”
  • “Opus Dei to make movie about founder that actually makes sense”
  • “Vatican acknowledges magisterial authority claimed by Catholic blogger”
  • “USCCB to create committee to determine purpose of USCCB committees”
  • “New, straight pastor doesn’t dress as snappily, parishioners say”
  • “SSPX sect not anti-semitic, claims best friend is Jewish”
  • “‘Eye of the Tiber’ leaves readers laughing, wishing they had thought of that”

third, based on the comments and the “likes” on facebook, people find the site to be genuinely funny, and i’m worried that it might lead a lot of people astray.

“What a site! I haven’t laughed so hard since the other night.”

remember: real catholics don’t laugh.


3 Responses to “joke alert: eye of the tiber”

  1. I investigated this news site that you are writing about and I can inform you that it is OK. They don’t have jokes there just strait news stories, like the one about Agnus Day. She had trouble because the people in church kept using her name, but I think this is just a misunderstanding because the church word is a different word but it just sounds the same.

    I was interested in this story because I tried to read a book about Doris Day who was a religious woman in New York who helped poor people, but the book was too hard.

  2. Chief Nocahoma Says:

    Eye of the Tiger is more properly associated with Rocky III than that Busey flick.

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