apparently, there have been some SSPX-ers who have begun to see the light and who have thus split from the original SSPX to form a new branch, called (for now) the SSPXSO, which is short for “the society of st. pius x of the strict observance.”

as it happens, i was the founder of the original SSPXSO (or “OSSPXSO”) more than nine years ago, so upon hearing this news, i immediately contacted my attorney, Shep Klingerman, who in turn issued a cease and desist letter to the SSPXSO pretenders (hereafter, “SSPXSOP”). the SSPXSOP contend, however, that my claim to the title “SSPXSO” extends merely to the greater Des Moines area, and that i have no right to forbid them to use the name themselves.

what they don’t realize, of course, is that the society of st. pius x of the strict observance of the greater Des Moines area (SSPXSOGDMA) was actually a splitter from my original SSPXSO.

granted, i have since severed all ties to the society, having renounced my membership not only in the SSPX, the SSPXSO, and the OSSPXSO, but also the PSSPX (people’s society of st. pius x), the FSSPXSO (fraternal society of st. pius x of the stricter observance), the FSSPXMSOP (fraternal society of st. pius x, most strictest observance possible), and several other societies of other popes pius (vii, v, iv, iii), to say nothing of  the society of st. pius i (SSPI).

all things being equal, though, i’d still prefer not to have the illustrious name of St. Pius X dragged through the mud by a bunch of frauds and charlatans. especially after the whole “extreme catholic fitness” SSP90X fiasco (though i hear it’s what Paul Ryan used to use).

“the X stands for extremely traditional”

stupid splitters.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb_qHP7VaZE]

6 Responses to “splitters”

  1. Why do these silly-willies name their factions? Nothing says “we’re just a splinter group” like a separate name. It’s a weak move. In contrast, consider the leadership style of Pope Michael I. That guy didn’t start a faction. Granted, his conclave was noticeably Cardinal-free and non-blood relatives were only 67% of the electors, but he walked out of that thing Pope of the Catholic Church. Not the Sodality of Societies of Sts. Denialus IV and Nostalgius III. Pope of the G.D. Roman M.F. Catholic Church! (As my terribly profane grandfather would have said, without the abbreviations.)

    Perfect clip at the end, though it’s source makes me question the integrity of your non-appreciation of humor.

    • your reasoning is exactly what led me to think that so-called “pope” michael might actually be pope.

      as for that clip at the end, i don’t what you’re talking about. i happened to stumble upon it whilst doing research on splinter groups with antipathy toward the establishment at rome, and i must confess that i know nothing of its origins. should i take it down?

      • No, you don’t need to take it down. I said it was perfect and I meant it. I was just pointing out that it was made at a website called youtube.com. Youtube.com makes a lot of videos which are clearly intended to be funny, and some succeed. I saw a video there about a declawed cat on a newly-waxed wood floor that truly expanded my horizons of hilarity. So if you surf that site regularly, you may find your position on humor untenable. I respect your position, so I’m just sharing this knowledge I’ve gleaned from 3 years of being Internet Savvy as a friendly “heads up.”

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  3. I think that it is important for the person who breaks off in order to keep the true faith to have the right name like FSSPXMSOP, even if there is only one person and they keep the faith all by theirselves. But I am having trouble when I think about breaking off from myself if I find I am not keeping the true faith. Will it get confusing if I am the only member and I have to keep making different societies for myself with different names? Today I might be FSSPXMSOP, but if I find out I am not keeping the true faith and make a new society for myself tomorrow, and then again after that, and then the names might get really long and confusing, and then I might not remember the name of the society that I am in, but I don’t want to use one of the older names for me when I was in communion with one of the false societies. The good solution is to make time stamps for the societies like FSSPXMSOP10.15.2012.10:22. Then you can keep the name but just update the time and I’ll never be confused if I do it that way.

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