conic genius

so, since you probably don’t know, i’ve been going through a lot recently–the election, stuff with Murphy, stuff with my sister/landlord/upstairs neighbor (all the same person, fyi), a bad rash, colon issues, etc.–and i just haven’t had the energy to blog. whatcha gonna do?

anyway, i happened to see earlier this week that my absence seems to have upset a certain Mr. Mark Shea, the “Great Catholic Grenache” himself.

although i myself didn’t notice it at the time, the post apparently attracted a number of comments, mostly from people who have no idea about anything. however, several of Shea’s less ignorant readers (they are a rare breed these days, aren’t they) happened to chime in in effusive praise (!) of my blog.

how effusive, you ask? well have a look yourself:

Folks, none of this is going to help anyone longing for the musings of a TRADDIE troll…. You need to think in terms of the details of the Societies of Pope Pius X, Pope Pius V, even Pope Pius I. You know how even Natural Family Planning is a sin. You need to be talking about the ups and downs of Pope Michael I. How your dead grandmother went to hell because she supported Vatican II. Stuff like that…. The guy is a conic genius.

you don’t say!

I hadn’t seen that blog, it’s brilliant, thanks.

ah yes, “brilliant.” but wait, there’s more!!

I completely agree with Mark that we need more of this guy….  It’s my favorite site. Well, maybe it’s the site I appreciate the most. It’s art…. Do yourself a favor and start going through that site’s archives…. This anonymous man-crush is starting to get unseemly. I’ll stop.

unseemly indeed.

yeah, actually this is making me uncomfortable.


8 Responses to “conic genius”

  1. Did it move?

    • Try holding your mouse cursor over the picture and you’ll get your answer (hint: yes it did). The Troll always has hidden captions that you have to hover over the picture to see. Like the one on top, “Cone” = “Cohen,” so it “sounds Jewish.” Haha.

  2. It’s great that you got supportive comments on Mark Shea’s blog, even if that last one was from someone who clearly suffers from emotional incontinence and probably would realize 90% of his conversation partners are motivated by sympathy if he weren’t so dense. But why aren’t you getting that love on your own blog? Where are your effusive comments? Is it that your blog is largely critical of most things and people don’t want to agree with criticism? Mark Shea’s blog is very critical, but he gets lots of comments. I mean, he re-shatters the earth a few times a day with revelations that people we should generally consider allies are in fact beset by sin, which clouds their thinking, sometimes making them seem judgmental, defensive, or otherwise unpalatable, and immediately 78 people chime in to say “Yeah, Mark, I totally know what you mean. It’s horrible that there are people whose sin makes them stupid in ways _we_ don’t struggle with. Like my uncle Ron. He doesn’t like attending Spanish mass, so he’s probably a racist.” Maybe you should start taking a more Shea-rific approach to your criticisms. Start with this: and absorb the underlying anthropology and general approach to disputation. Then go from there and your combox will start to fill up with congratulatory comments. (For all you bigots who suffer from the Genetic Fallacy Disorder and are hestitant to click on a ritually-impure FireDogLake link, go back to The Thing That Used To Be Conservatism Club and mull over how you’ve failed the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.)

  3. On a more important note, how is Murphy? You say there’s been “stuff.” Is everything alright with him? We haven’t heard from him in a while.

    • Murphy’s fine, as far as I know. He’s gone, though. Moved out. It’s really complicated, but I’m going to try to post about it soon. I’m sure he appreciates your concern.

      • I’m sorry to hear that. I pray he moved to another house and isn’t living rough. Iowa winters are cold, so I hope he isn’t going through some midlife crisis and thinking he has to get back to the prairie, where his people are from. If so, tell him to watch Madagascar to see what a bad idea letting one’s ancestors decide one’s living location can be. Thanks for the update.

  4. Antonin Strombauch Says:

    Troll, you may not realize this, but Mark Shea and his readers still think you are joking. I know you’ve tried to be clear that you are not, but they persist.

    However, consider this: as long as they are reading your site while THINKING it is a joke, you have greater potential to convert them into RealCatholics. They will end up being converted to the truth by their own sinful senses of humor. God works in mysterious ways.

  5. […] i alluded the other day, my most recent hiatus from blogging was the product of several factors, among which must be […]

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