ncr is sick (UPDATED)

regardless of whether you happen to think that joking and laughter is gravely sinful, there should be near-universal agreement that any kind of joking in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy is simply heinous.

although i am well aware of the common conservative trope that so-called “gun control” activists jump on every chance to score cheap political points in the aftermath of gun violence, i am simply aghast that the sick yukkers at the “national catholic reporter” would satirize this tendency just a few short hours after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

seriously, there’s not one, not two, but three different pieces purporting to be insensitive liberal demands for more gun control in the aftermath of the shooting.

“What? Here at NCR, funny is funny, and we run with what’s hot.”

surely no one in their right mind would take advantage of our collective horror at the massacre of young children, at least not so soon after it happened. so how could the “ncr” think it appropriate to mock such non-existent opportunists?

it’s sick, i tell you, just sick.

at the rate they’re going, i fully expect them to have up several more pieces by the end of the night, no doubt providing parodies of Pat Robertson-style buffoonery, or of judgmental homeschoolers’ tsk-tsking “Toldya So’s,” or of talking heads’ calls to re-open the national conversation about who knows what else (maybe euthanizing the mentally unstable or those with whom we disagree politically?). perhaps they’ll just run a rehash of one of the articles they’ve already posted, but updated to demand “knife control” in the wake of the 22 children being stabbed in China.

because that would be hilarious and not at all in bad taste, right?


not at all appropriate: “The Good Shepherd” by Thomas Kinkade



several members of the editorial staff at the “national catholic reporter” have contacted me privately to say that they don’t plan on publishing any additional parodies exploiting today’s shooting. not tonight anyway.

also, they assure me that they will NOT be exploiting the tragedy that occurred in China, since their largely American readership generally only pays attention to American tragedies, especially those involving white people. *whew*


4 Responses to “ncr is sick (UPDATED)”

  1. PaisleyJean Says:

    Is this supposed to be funny? You know that Barack Obama is already using this as an excuse to take away our guns, and then where will we be? Nazi Germany, that’s where. Communism. Get your self educated, ok?

    And just so you know, I am taking this blog off my reader.

  2. Wow – and the parodies in the commentary! LOL!

  3. suppleoldman Says:

    PaisleyJean = Obama voter

  4. Antonin Strombauch Says:

    I wish you a Penitential Christmas, T-2! We’re waiting for your opinions on things. You are the sole voice we can rely on. Please start blogging again.

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