worst christmas present ever

before you even ask, yes, this actually exists.

and yes, it was actually given to me as a christmas present.

as a “joke,” by my best friend, Turk Sorensen.

no, i will probably not be joining him and his family for christmas eve ever again.

that is all.


2 Responses to “worst christmas present ever”

  1. It’s very misleading and decietful in the picture. He smiles and makes people think he can play the piano but if you look carefully you can see that no one can play piano good in that position, especially with only one hand and the three fingers. He’s not really playing that music. He’s not even looking at the music! I am afraid to think about what might be the other images for all the months.

  2. I was also going to say that he reminds me of Marvin Hamslitch, but that name made me think of “hamster,” and then I got reminded of Murphy, and that made me sad.

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