oh great, awards season… (UPDATED)

three trophies for the cheat!

last night it was the golden globes (i watched “Downton” instead, of course).

we’ll have the grammys in a couple of weeks (shouldn’t that end in “-ies”?).

then come the oscars. whoopie.

oh and finally, come late march, we’ll have the “2013 About.com Catholicism Reader’s Choice Awards.” from what i understand, it’s not an awards show per se. but that doesn’t mean i won’t be dressing up.

why, you ask? well because i’ve been nominated for “Best Catholic Blog” (by none other than my best friend Turk Sorensen), and seeing as how mine is the only REALcatholic™ blog on the interwebs, i figure i’m a shoe-in, right?

well i should be, anyway. i don’t need to tell you how awesome this blog is, or how much you should probably donate to keep operations here afloat (hint: till it hurts so much that Mark Shea starts protesting it as a form of torture).



no, i know i won’t win. those who tell the truth never do. instead we suffer in silence and obscurity. IN SILENCE AND OBSCURITY I TELL YOU!!!

back when i first started this thing, when i was still seeing you-know-who, i thought that maybe i’d be able to rig some sort of upset and score a 2012 Cannonball Catholic Blog Award. alas, she ditched the awards altogether this past year, probably just to spite me.


maybe if i had more colorful backgrounds or lots of sweet animated .gifs, then i’d get the attention and acclaim that i deserve…


after a great deal of thought, i’ve decided to start my own awards for best REALcatholic™ blog. the award badge, inspired by the above-liked sites, looks something like this:

i know, pretty sweet, right?

you needn’t worry about nominations or voting, since there’s really only one blog in contention at the moment. i suppose that i’d be willing to consider additional entries (e.g., were E. Michael Jones or Michael Voris to start blogging regularly), but for the time being, i’m it, folks.

stay angry, my friends.


9 Responses to “oh great, awards season… (UPDATED)”

  1. Mark P Shea Says:

    I am totally going to promote your blog for the best blog award.

  2. […] matter to me whether I get your vote or not and to instead put my shoulder into making sure that Not a Goblin, But a Troll instead gets the nod.  I will also do various other Socially Aware  Things so that you will know I […]

  3. I think that there also needs to be the extra award categary for the best real Catholic hamster too. I nominate Murphy the second for best real Catholic hamster, not Murphy the first. I also nominate Mr. Sorenson for best real Catholic friend, even though he made a gift of the calendar. But he’s the only one to be in the categary so he can be nominated about that.

    • If Cate Blanchett started dating Gary Busey, their celebrity couple name would be Categary. And they would have beautiful, psychotic children.

      • Is that a joke? I do not think people should tell jokes here because they might be funny and some people might laugh about it and that would be bad.

  4. Another categary is best Realcatholic hamster dancing which is also nominated to Murphy the second.

    I found that the best dance song for him is You don’t have to be a Star. He can perform that for the ceremony too.

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