christian unity

ecumenism is the worst. really, it is.

even if you happened to think that everything else that vatican ii did was sensible and right-headed, surely you must recognize the absurdity of hoping and praying that all christians “may be one.”

who comes up with something like that? ugh, utter hippy nonsense.

“Evangelicals and Catholics together, man.”

we’re presently in the midst of the “week of prayer for christian unity,” which ironically enough is often an occasion for reflecting on how other christians have fallen short. i don’t mean members of other churches or denominations, mind you, but fellow co-religionists.

as i see it, this is the sole silver lining of the ecumenical movement: the opportunity to gripe about how others in your camp don’t understand what’s really at stake, or don’t care, or care too much, or their tactics are all wrong, or they’re making you look bad.

wow, when you stop and think about it, there’s something for everyone to be mad about.

my vision of christian unity: where all are joined by rage and self-righteous indignation.


3 Responses to “christian unity”

  1. Ecumenism my foot. It is more, like Ick! umenism.

    But the candlelight procesion in the picture looks very religious and pious.

  2. The site you link to seems to prefer the term “True Catholic” to denote all that is not a lie from hell. Is this the same as “REALCatholic(tm)”? If not, what’s the difference? Is there a preferred nomenclature here?

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