feeling the love

“what do you say we go below deck and read some ‘theology of the body’ to each other?”

since the bitter defeat of two weeks ago, i’ve been feeling pretty low. and what with Murphy being gone, i have no one to put my head on straight when i get all bent out of shape. hence the constant tears and crippling depression.

but then i thought to myself just last night, “sometimes i get flattering remarks in my combox spam filter, and that would be a great pick-me-up.” sure enough, reader Szoc2573 writes:

May I just say what a relief is to discovering someone that genuinely understands what they talking about on teh internet. You actually realize how to brings an issue to light and make it impotent. More people had to read this and understanding this side of the story! It’s surprising you aren’t being more popular because you certainly possessed the gift.

surprising indeed. if only i were more appreciated. as i am by reader claudinha_doidinha, who writes:

keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. this was actually what i was looked for, and i am being glad to come here!

and finally, there is this from reader Townsend:

artikelnya sangat informatif sekali..terimaksih banyak

which apparently is idonesian for “you know yes where you can buy cheap viagra!”

thank you, dear readers. thank you.

my heart will go on.


4 Responses to “feeling the love”

  1. Anotonin Strombauch Says:

    Funny… I got those exact same emails, and I don’t have a blog.

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