pope benedict, baby-eater

perhaps he’s slipping because of old age, or maybe it’s just that he doesn’t give a crap anymore, but on his last full day as the obviously unlawful occupier of the chair of Peter, “Pope” Benedict XVI has revealed to the world what had previously been his shameful and abhorrent secret: he eats live babies.

it started out innocently enough…

and then the unthinkable happened…

well, unthinkable to you maybe. i’ve always said that novus ordo types can’t be trusted to not eat their young.

full horrific story here.


7 Responses to “pope benedict, baby-eater”

  1. Having lived in Germany for a week in 2002, I can tell you they’re called Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Roadhouses–not having a “Texas” and all–and they do actually serve baby meat (though I don’t think you can select the baby).

    • I meant to start that with “I think it’s a German thing.” Probably doesn’t make much sense without that. Actually, probably still doesn’t. Whatevs.

  2. It’s okay to be sad that he’s retiring. It’s all right to cry. Let it all out.

  3. I think this lining up and passing along babies is a bit weird. Baby kissing needs to be spontaneous and in the immediate vicinity.

  4. It is over the topic, but I am very sorry to hear about Murphy the First, even though I like Murphy the second better than him, may he RIP.

    It was noble of Troll to love his fans so much that he gave his only beloved hamster.

  5. Antonin Strombauch Says:

    T2, we’re waiting for your commentary on the new “pope” Francis. I’m hoping he’ll finally be the one to admit that the sede has been vacante.

  6. Mark P Shea Says:

    Troll! Where are you? Your public misses you and needs you!

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