you’ll probably be seeing a lot less of me…

…because i’ve lost 42 lbs. in just the past two months. for all you math nerds out there, that’s about four inches off my waistline and a full two manssiere cups smaller.

i’m especially pleased with the noticeable nipple reduction

and before you ask, the answer is no, i did not lose this weight because of SSP90X, or any  exercise program for that matter, extremely traditional or otherwise.

i’m not even dieting.

well, not really dieting. just eating food.

real food, that is.

not that fake processed crap that i used to stuff myself with.

ugh, nothing but plastic here; REAL dog poop is pure and organic

yes, in my various wanderings, i happened to stumble across something called the “paleo” diet, which sounded just about as traditional as you can get, so of course i was on board in a second.

as i’ve since discovered, paleo isn’t nearly as traditional or pure as you can get.

i’m still experimenting with the best way to stick to natural, organic food only, and i’ll be sure to keep you posted as i learn more about making sure this REALcatholic gets nothing but REALfood.

4 Responses to “you’ll probably be seeing a lot less of me…”

  1. My neighbor says the Director of Nutritional Counseling Ministries at his “c”hurch teaches everything we need to know about what God wants you to eat can be found in their truncated version of the book of Daniel. There’s also a lady named Rina Hikenfelb on a Catholic morning radio show who goes on about every time food is mentioned in passing in the Old Testament. I think she uses “bible foods” to cast spells or something. Anyway, it sounds like the Old Testament might be a good resource for your quest for purity of essence and smaller nipples.

  2. Antonin Strombauch Says:

    T2, it is good to see that you are focusing in your posts on food again.

  3. This blog is exactly like being in prison and having a beautiful, loving wife who is enthusiastic about making toe-curling, mind-blowing, infallible love open-to-life-style on a hide-away bed in a conjugal trailer. But the warden’s capricious and only lets you have a conjugal once in a while. He says “I don’t have time to unlock the trailer for you. I probably work a lot and have a bunch of kids,” but you don’t care about his kids–you love your wife and want to be with her. Sometimes you tell yourself, “no, I’m going to stop the conjugals because intermittent, God-sanctioned ecstasy makes its lack unbearable.” But you know you’ll never stop and, besides, how awkward would it be after parole not to have touched your wife for 5 years? And you’re only in prison because you were wrongly convicted.

    Also, I’m no algorithm at, but I think you’d really enjoy this little lady: Her name is Ann Barnhardt and she is a firecracker. She’s young, cute, and more Catholic than a quarter-mile cappa magna. Her blog is apparently one very long page without separate pages for posts, but scroll down until you see “So You Think I Am Too Hard on Dolan, Huh?” (It’s not too far from the top.) Prepare your heart, Troll.

  4. […] couple weeks, i’ve received several emails from solicitous readers inquiring as to whether my new-found REALfood obsession has led to healthier, more regular bowel […]

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