who i am

i am the mom who said using nfp would send you straight to hell. i am the guy who said the novus ordo was the tool of the devil. i am the former seminarian who said all the bishops are gay. i am the pr mastermind who invented matthew kelly. i am e. michael jones’s biggest fan. i am the girl who said the luminous mysteries are the sign of the antichrist. i am the guy who disagreed with her. i am the neutral third party who tried unsuccessfully to break things up. i am “fr.” frank pavone’s willfulness. i am mother angelica’s fetal tail. i am greg popcak’s third nipple. i am the scourge of your combox, your inbox, your forum, your chat. i am the last bastion of orthodoxy and for the past seven years or so i have been committed to rebuilding the true church of christ one fake personality, and one flame, at a time.

over the past few months, i started to notice some real burnout on my part, so i’ve decided to take a step back from my normal internets activities and stick to this blog, which i hope will provide me with the opportunity to focus my energies and find my voice again.

and so, after so many years of being called a troll and getting banned and blocked from websites, i’ve decided to embrace who i am and begin anew.

i am Troll II, and i am just getting started.

¿como estan, beaches?

queries? comments? death threats? exciting mlm opportunities? hit me up on the emails at realcatholicsdontlaugh [at] gmail [dot] com

6 Responses to “who i am”

  1. […] folks must have missed the “about me” page, because mostly they ask lots of questions about who i am and what i’m doing. although i […]

  2. Interesting blog!

    • thanks, jackie. i know it doesn’t have the fancy latin, or the flashy .gifs or the brightly colored backgrounds of a dailycatholic.com or the-pope.com, but i really do try.

  3. Parmenides Says:

    E. Michael Jones is pretty cool, and Old Scratch probably had something to do with the NO.

    post more about the Vatican

  4. Dude, you’re crazy. There’s a reason you’re blocked from tons of sites, and this one should be no different.

    • i’ve blocked myself from commenting more times than i can count. i always end up changing my ip address and getting back on though. one of these days i’ll find a way to stop my comments for good. until then, i’ll just have to put up with myself i guess.

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