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is Taylor Marshall an anti-semite?

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self-proclaimed theological wonderkind Ron “Burgundy” Conte certainly seems to think so:

I read a disturbing post the other day, over at Taylor Marshall’s blog…. This interpretation condemns a whole group of Jews and the Jewish faith itself…. Aside from the offensive anti-Semitism in Marshall’s interpretation, there are other serious problems.

whoa, serious claims. and from a guy who has a BA from Boston College and a mandatum from, um, Ron Conte (link).

“I’m Ron Conte?”

in reality, Taylor isn’t even close to flirting with anti-semitism.

which is too bad, if you ask me.

i hope to jot down more of my thoughts on this topic soon, but suffice it to say that i think that so-called “anti-semitism” gets a bad rap most of the time, and that not nearly enough (fake) catholics are anti-semitic enough.

i know, i know, traddie circles are supposed to be hotbeds of anti-semitism (i just came across the recent dust-up involving Dawn Eden, Rorate, et al., in my reader earlier today; more on that anon). but the sad fact is that the vast majority of people who are claim to be REAL, traditional catholics don’t take the responsibility of anti-semitism seriously at all.

there are a few folks out there who speak the truth (shout-out to my man Mel!), yet by and large even hard-core traddies are embarrassed by anti-semitism, and even repulsed by it. i know Murphy always was.

“I’m only one man. Also, no one takes me seriously.”

when you get down to it, all too often the “worst” you often encounter is a simple allergy to post vatican ii syncretism, expressed in pre-conciliar terms that especially highlight the disparity between catholics and non-catholics, which includes but isn’t limited to the jews.

and that just isn’t good enough.

“I’m Bob Sungenis. Tits McGee is on vacation.”

a “false spirit of traditionalism”?

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as if.

ok, so maybe mantillas *can* be over the top, but still…

i’m getting it from all sides over here.

first, Murphy told me on Monday afternoon that he was no longer comfortable celebrating the oeuvre of Mel Gibson purely on the basis of his arch-traditionalism and anti-semitism. when i responded that we could always do it on the basis of his artistry and talent as an actor, Murphy laughed in my face. (for the time being, it would seem that our tradition of Mel Gibson mondays is on hiatus, which really stinks.)

wait, isn’t laughing heretical?

next, i see that “fr.” dwight longnecker has put up yet another post mocking traditional (i.e., REAL) catholics by making them seem like isolated kooks. real catholics aren’t kooks, sir, or at least this real catholic isn’t. (come to think of it, since i may well be a church of practically one right now, am i really able to use the plural when speaking of real catholics? i just don’t know.)

AP file photo of Murphy’s favorite longnecker showing off what he can do with his mandible

finally, i saw this morning that Mark Shea descended into this vile diatribe against the so-called “false spirit of traditionalism”:

Yeah. It’s a cherished myth with a lot of Reactionaries that everything was great before the Council, that everything that’s wrong is due to a) the Council, b) Garrulous Karolus the Koran Kisser; c) damn libruls; d) Jews; e) Masons; and e) anybody who is critical of the widespread Traditionalist culture of pharisaic, paranoid, anti-semitic, conspiracy-mongering Inquisitorial lovelessness and pride….

Traditionalists love to brag about being “deep in history.” In fact, an awful lot of them are shallow in history….

They still need grace and mercy. Actual Catholic faith offers that. The cartoonish parody of Catholic faith that is the Reactionary Catholic subculture: not so much (though, of course, there are people in the Traditionalist subculture who are not like this).

first off, what Mark is calling a “cherished myth” is the plain and simple fact of the matter. i could prove it, but i’m not going to.

second off, what he’s dismissing as pharisaism, paranoia, anti-semitism, conspiracy-mongering, inquisitorial lovelessness, and pride is exactly the real catholic faith that i know and love. no mercy, baby!!

third off, there’s nothing cartoonish about my parody of the catholic faith. wait, that’s not right; i mean, just because i’m being cartoonish doesn’t mean that this is a parody. scratch that one, too; what i’m trying to say is, um, i’m rubber and you’re glue?

not gonna fly… i say let’s leave the parodies to the modernists

wait, what?

it’s the jews

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in honor of E. Michael Jonesreal birthday (wikipedia is NOT to be trusted, peoples), i’ve posted for the education and enjoyment of all a brief clip from the 2001 drama “bubble boy.”

it’s no “le juif suss,” but i think it serves as a helpful reminder of what we’re are up against, and personally, it gives me hope that if the truth about the jews can even come out of hollywood, then anything’s possible.

many happy returns on the day, E.!

p.s. Bob, Mel, and Mahmoud send their best wishes, too.