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is Taylor Marshall an anti-semite?

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self-proclaimed theological wonderkind Ron “Burgundy” Conte certainly seems to think so:

I read a disturbing post the other day, over at Taylor Marshall’s blog…. This interpretation condemns a whole group of Jews and the Jewish faith itself…. Aside from the offensive anti-Semitism in Marshall’s interpretation, there are other serious problems.

whoa, serious claims. and from a guy who has a BA from Boston College and a mandatum from, um, Ron Conte (link).

“I’m Ron Conte?”

in reality, Taylor isn’t even close to flirting with anti-semitism.

which is too bad, if you ask me.

i hope to jot down more of my thoughts on this topic soon, but suffice it to say that i think that so-called “anti-semitism” gets a bad rap most of the time, and that not nearly enough (fake) catholics are anti-semitic enough.

i know, i know, traddie circles are supposed to be hotbeds of anti-semitism (i just came across the recent dust-up involving Dawn Eden, Rorate, et al., in my reader earlier today; more on that anon). but the sad fact is that the vast majority of people who are claim to be REAL, traditional catholics don’t take the responsibility of anti-semitism seriously at all.

there are a few folks out there who speak the truth (shout-out to my man Mel!), yet by and large even hard-core traddies are embarrassed by anti-semitism, and even repulsed by it. i know Murphy always was.

“I’m only one man. Also, no one takes me seriously.”

when you get down to it, all too often the “worst” you often encounter is a simple allergy to post vatican ii syncretism, expressed in pre-conciliar terms that especially highlight the disparity between catholics and non-catholics, which includes but isn’t limited to the jews.

and that just isn’t good enough.

“I’m Bob Sungenis. Tits McGee is on vacation.”


when you’re alone, and life is making you lonely…

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…you can always go, er, “downton.”

yup, this has to be about the absolute worst time of year for me. and yet, even amidst the darkest clouds there has shone for me once again the radiant splendor of BBC’s masterpiece “downton abbey,” the third season of which began state-side just last sunday night.

of course, since the season has already aired in its entirety across the pond, i’ve been made all too well aware of the various twists and turns that the show will take (not only will Lady Sybil die in childbirth, but apparently Cousin Matthew will meet some sort of demise as well, since he’s not coming back for season four). *grumble, grumble.*

i know, i know, all you haters out there are going to say that the show is little more than fancily designed and rather well acted soap opera, with no real story or character development to speak of. a period dramady of manners, suited solely for the shallowly nostalgic and historically ignorant. and for women and effeminate men.

but you are wrong, wrong i say!

i mean, how can this show possibly be a soap opera, or just for women? they use british accents, for gosh sakes! british accents!!

“We Brits like our men manly. Oh, and they’ve gotta have faith faith faith.”

in a way, “downton” reminds me of my own passion for the real faith in the face of heresy: we’re presented with a rich and beautiful heritage from the past, as it actually was, before we were sold a bill of goods by modernism and modernity, before things were turned upside down through vulgarization. as you can see from every episode of “downton,” there were hardly any real problems in those days, before the cultural revolution, before vatican ii.

one could say, i suppose, that “downton” is to pre-war england what my preferred view of tradition is to pre-conciliar catholicism. oh, how i love them both.

if hollywood weren’t so hopelessly evil (and full of jews), i daresay i would love to see a period drama done on the church in her glory years, back when everything was in latin, and the men were men, and the women were modest and silent.

think of it!

seriously, can’t someone get Barbara Nicolosi and Mel Gibson to team up on this? Michael Voris could even co-star!!

“Tell Babs that I was never really serious about that Maccabees film, you know.”

new Michael Voris movie?

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whilst innocently surfing the interwebs earlier today, i happened upon a web advertisement for a film called “The Sessions,” which, insofar as it lacks Mel Gibson, would ordinarily not pique my interest at all.

upon looking at the advertisement more closely, however, i noticed that the film appears to star several other characters of interest, namely, noted sailor and self-proclaimed defensor fidei Michael Voris, woman-of-my-dreams Helen Hunt, and blogging bad-boy Max Lindenman of Patheos infamy.

“I was originally up for the Helen Hunt role.”

“Max who?” you’re probably asking.

it doesn’t matter, no one else has heard of him either.

what i want to know is how comes i’m only hearing about all this now?

on the one hand, i’ve been saying for years that Michael Voris would be a great film star. he’s such a natural, and that hair! on the other hand, i’m legitimately disturbed that Voris now seems willing to have dealings with an associate of the absolutely awful Patheos, and it is making me seriously reconsider my planned lenten cruise retreat.

“‘Patheos’? more like, um, you get the idea…”

help me out here, dear readers. does anyone know what the movie’s about? does the title have anything to do with Michael Voris fighting heresy during the sessions of a certain heretical church council? does  Voris’s character kill, maim, or otherwise attack those with whom he disagrees? what about Voris’s supporters? because they’re always doing that sort of thing, amiright?

electile dysfunction and the post-election blues

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as i alluded the other day, my most recent hiatus from blogging was the product of several factors, among which must be included the presidential election, and its run-up and aftermath. i’m not gonna lie, i’ve been a wreck.

i should probably back up.

you may recall that, over the summer, i had pledged my vote to Mel Gibson. obviously, it’s not that i thought he had a chance of winning, but simply that i liked his style and his beliefs. well, i liked them more than those of the other “viable” candidates anyway.

“Voting for me is, surprisingly, a highly rational decision, in light of the alternatives.”

although there was a brief flirtation with Mitt Romney, based largely on his Mormon brand of sedevacantism, i just couldn’t bring myself to vote for him. but then, i saw that Mark Shea wasn’t going to vote for Romney either, so i knew i needed to change my mind again, since it felt too weird to me to agree with Shea in anything.

i was really torn. on the one hand, i didn’t want to just spill my vote upon the ground and, um, wash my hands of electoral responsibility, since surely any vote that wasn’t for Romney was a vote for Obama (who i can’t stand). but on the other hand, i thought that maybe Obama wouldn’t be so bad after all. i mean, in light of his attitude of antagonism toward the novus ordo shamchurch, and his explicit support of sharia law, i thought a second term might just be enough to spark a full-scale muslim takeover, which would of course both unmask all the fake “catholics” and ensure that women everywhere would never wear anything immodest again. win-win.

the perfect gift for all the soon-to-be-persecuted catholics on your christmas gift list, yes?

i still didn’t know who exactly to vote for, though. it wasn’t going to be Romney or Obama. or Gibson or anyone else i had previously considered. i thought about writing in Murphy’s name, but the fact is that i don’t particularly agree with his foreign policy.

i was stumped. stymied. at an utter loss.

and then, an epiphany! a came across a fantastic blog post by a fellow by the name of “Zippy Catholic,” whose main point seemed to be that any vote for any candidate is an act of idolatry. voting isn’t a mere show of support, it’s an act of latria–a “pinch of incense” he called it!!

it all made so much sense, and i felt so free.

why couldn’t i find a candidate to vote for, when everyone else around was getting excited, or least finding the willingness to hold their noses for, this guy or that? i hadn’t realized it before, but it was because i have kept the true faith while everyone else had fallen away!!! my sense of self-righteousness had perhaps never been so strong. i was on top of the world, looking down my nose at all the reprobate around me.

it was not to last, however.

the morning after the election, after i had smugly refused to vote, i happened to see a picture of good ol’ Mitt, looking sad and broken-hearted, and i suddenly realized what i had done. Iowa, my home state, had gone blue, and i couldn’t help but think that if i had just been willing to do a little more, perhaps things would have turned out differently, and maybe, just maybe, we could’ve turned this country around.

is there any way you could say no to this man?

“You didn’t think robots could cry, did you? Well, I had a firmware update, and now I can.”

i racked my brain for the next two weeks or so, trying to think of what i could have done to alter this outcome. i mean, i know i’m only one man, but surely i could’ve made an impact and changed some minds. maybe if i had picked more fights on the facebook, or been more political in my blog postings, or put bumper stickers on my car.

now that i’m a bit more removed from things, i figure it probably wasn’t that big of a deal that i didn’t vote. nor would it have been that big a deal if i had voted, regardless of what Skippy Catholic says.

i do wish that i had picked more fights on the facebook. one never regrets those.

mel gibson monday: edge of darkness

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despite being a borderline rabid fan of Mel Gibson, i have discovered in the past two weeks several films of his that i hadn’t yet seen. surprisingly enough, the first of these is actually one of the most recent: the 2010 mystery thriller “edge of darkness,” which is a film adaptation of a 1985 bbc television series by the same name. i can’t imagine how i could’ve missed this movie when it came out, especially since it was Mel’s first starring role since his awesome 2002 sci-fi fantasy pic, “signs.” but in any case, Murphy and i decided that we had to remedy the situation for this week’s Mel Gibson monday movie-watch, and now that our internets access is up and running again, i’m here to give you the rundown on what is a truly great film.

on to the plot: Mel plays Tom Craven, a boston homicide detective who becomes increasingly unstable following a tragic incident involving his grown daughter. after learning that she may have been intentionally targeted, Mel begins to suspect a massive conspiracy stretching to the upper echelons of the u.s. government and a major multi-national corporation (shockingly, the jews aren’t involved). eventually, his detective work leads him to the truth… about his daughter, about  himself, about the huge conspiracy, about what women really want, about government corruption, and about everything else too. along the way, Mel does what Mel does best: getting angry and intimidating people.

“Deep down, you know you deserve this.”

i know that i’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: the world needs more people like Mel Gibson, people who might just be a little bit crazy, but who will do whatever they think should be done no matter who might get hurt.

“I’m a guy with nothin to lose!”

since i am physically unable to intimidate anyone, i find that spewing vitriol on the interwebs is the next best thing to actually going out and doing something. you know, like in the real world.

it’s not easy being a church of practically one, but i’m committed to telling everyone else how wrong they are, and i promise to keep it up, despite all the online persecution, until they make it against the law and it gets really inconvenient.

“Everything’s illegal in Massachusetts.”

i’m still free to sound off here in iowa, and that’s the way i like it.

until next time, here’s the trailer for “edge of darkness” (courtesy of the kind folks at the youtubes), which should pique your interest.


mel gibson monday (belated)

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things have been crazy ’round these here parts the past two days or so. as anticipated, the sit-down with Turk Sorensen was a smashing success, and he has since been restored to the status of “best friend,” or more accurately, “best human friend,”  since Murphy will always be favorite. (i’ll spare you the details of the crying and the imploring and the self-flagulation, at least for now; let’s just say that Turk’s denigration ended up being even sweeter than i had hoped!)

artist’s rendering of my recollection of Turk’s groveling like a lowly worm

after our reconciliation, Turk and i began drinking copious amounts of peach schnapps to one another’s health. needless to say, i did NOT get home in time to watch “bird on a wire,” nor was i in any shape to do much of anything the following day.

my man Mel knows what i’m talking about

now that i am fully recovered, the plan is to watch this week’s Mel Gibson monday movie tonight, with both Murphy and Turk (sorry for taking your hubby, Sheila, but it’s boys’ night in!).

since it’s been a while since i last saw “bird on a wire,” i’m not entirely sure how accurate my memory of its plot is. as i recall, Mel plays a slightly unstable mechanic who’s in the witness protection program, and after he gets recognized by Goldie Hahn’s character, who he used to date, they have to go on the run in order to avoid the bad guy, Eugene Sorenson (ha!), who Mel helped to put away years before. people start shooting guns and stuff starts blowing up and Mel Gibson is awesome and he and Goldie live happily ever after and then the credits roll… BACKWARDS!!! (i know, how crazy is that!)

“Wow, Goldie, it says on this blog here that your brother is famed fake ‘catholic’ apologist Scott Hahn.”

ah yes, i’ve already received several emails from readers suspicious of my claim that Goldie Hahn and Scott Hahn are sister and brother. “after all,” these folks retort, “they actually spell their last names differently.”

“oh, yeah,” say i, “well then how do you explain the obvious family resemblance?”

my sakes, they could be twins

take that, doubters! and don’t forget to join us next week for a review of our most recent Mel Gibson monday movie, the 2000 family drama “what women want” (hint: the answer is more Mel Gibson).

in the mean time, thanks to the good folks at the youtubes, here’s the trailer from “bird on a wire” to whet your appetite for Mel.


BREAKING: reconciliation immanent?

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no, i’m not speaking about the pointless sspx talks with the modernist vatican, but about a pending sit-down with my once and perhaps future best friend, Turk Sorensen.

as you will recall, Turk and i have been on the outs ever since he did something to upset me. i can’t recall what it was, but i know it started with his idea for “recipes for disaster” and it spiraled out of control from there. honestly, the initial reasons don’t really matter now, because he’s since done lots of things to get my goat, things like writing me notes in latin (which i can’t understand), denouncing my on david bawden’s facebook page, leaving me threatening messages, egging my house, and shaving(!) Murphy. what a tool.

anyhow, i received a text message earlier this afternoon that he wanted to finally get together and have a mediated conversation in which we could reconcile, by which i understand him to mean that he is planning to grovelingly beg my forgiveness for his foolishness.

artist’s rendering of what i hope will be Turk’s pathetic begging for mercy

while i’m ordinarily not one to extend mercy of any sort, i do have a soft spot for groveling, begging, sniveling, and all-around self-humiliation, so as long as Turk plays his cards right, he has a good chance to return to my good graces.

if all goes well, i should be back at home with plenty of time to pop in this week’s Mel Gibson monday video, “bird on a wire,” co-starring Goldie Hahn (who if i’m not mistaken is fake “catholic” apologist Scott Hahn’s sister). of course, if things go on a bit longer than planned, i’ll probably need to hold off till tomorrow. we’ll see.