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it takes a big man to apologize…

Posted in anger with tags , , , , , on June 6, 2013 by troll ii

AP file photo of Mark Shea in happier, hairier, and seemingly less culpable times

… and  it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man, amiright?

though i’m not quite halfway through the unread news items in my reader, i did happen to notice Shea’s recent apology for being a bitter betty.

personally, i’ve always been a fan of his bitterness, and i think it’s safe to say that he’d do better apologizing for his innumerable other failings, but i suppose it’s as good a start as any.

based on the comments section, it seems as though Shea has opted not to further condemn Live Action for lying, heresy, scandal, child abuse, tax evasion, and bestiality until he’s had the chance to speak with Lila Rose, which for someone like Shea is an awfully magnanimous gesture.

lest anyone think that this is a sign of repentance or a genuine change of heart on Shea’s part, please allow to submit the following baseless conspiracy theory irrefutable evidence:

i have it on good authority that Shea was shown footage of an undercover sting operating in which a disgruntled former combox denizen was tricked into divulging details of a nefarious plot against the Great [fake] Catholic Grenache himself.

screen grab of incriminating surveillance footage in question

i also have it on good authority (though i can’t say by what authority) that Shea plans next week to re-embrace the first edition of the CCC and launch a new book in defense of lying when doing undercover work.

in the mean time, my sources say he’s keeping a fairly low profile and is under the protection of a top-secret security detail provided gratis by Deacon “The Body Guard” JR (recently returned to duty from an extended lenten retirement).

how very convenient.

past grievances aside, i do sorta hope that Shea is able to neutralize this threat and quickly return to providing his trademark simplistic take on intractably difficult moral issues. in my experience, black and white is so much easier to deal with than shades of gray, especially when it involves getting to condemn others.